1.  Lands
   1)  Land Area 
   2)  Patrimonial Properties
   3)  Residential Free Patent Issued
   4)  Agricultural Free Patent Issued
   5)  Homestead
   6)  List of Special Patent of LGUs and NGAs
   7) Management of Foreshore Areas
   8) Inspection Verification and Approval Survey (IVAS Form 1)
2. Forestry
   1)  Land Classification (Area in hectares)
   2)  Land Cover (Area in hectare)
   3)  Production and Protection Forest (Area in hectare)
   4)  Proclaimed Watershed Forest Reserve (Area in hectare)
   5)  Priority Critical Watershed Supporting National Irrigation System 
   6)  Existing Community-Based Forest Management Agreement
   7)  Existing Community Forest Stewardship Agreement (not applicable)
   8)  Existing Agroforestry Land Management Agreement (not applicable)
   9)  Integrated Social Forestry (ISF) (not applicable)
  10)  Forestland Grazing Lease Agreement (FLGLA) (not applicable)
  11) Forest Land Grazing Management Agreement (FLGMA) (not applicable)
  12) Forest Land Management Agreement (FLMA) 
  13) Forest Land Use Agreement (FLAg)
  14) Integrated Forest Management Agreement (IFMA)
  15) Industrial Tree Plantation Lease Agreement (ITPLA)
  16) Gratuitous Permit for the Special Uses of Forest Lands (GSUP)
  17) Socialized Industrial Forest Mgt. Agreement (SIFMA)
  18) Special Land Use Permit (SLUP)
  19) Private Forest Development Agreement (not applicable)
  20) Tree Farm Lease Agreement
  21) Tree Farm Management Agreement (not applicable)
  22) Registered Lumber Dealers   
  23) Certificate of Registration as Importer/Dealer of Imported Wood Products
  24) Issued Chainsaw Registration
  25) Registered Wood Processing Plant  
  26) Forest Land Use Plan (FLUP) of LGUs Forest Land Use Plan (FLUP) of LGUs
  27) Summary of DENR NGP Accomplishment CY 2011-2022 
  28) Summary of Community-Based Employment Program under NGP Implementation
  29) Adopted Graduated NGP Sites
  30) Apprehended/Confiscated/Forfeited Natural Resource Products including Tools, Implements and Equipment
  31) Forest Disturbance by Cause
  32) Forest Disturbance within NGP Sites 
  33) Cutting Permits
  34) Permit for Private Tree Plantations
  35) Permits for Non-timber Products
  36) Rattan Cutting Contract
  37) Co Management Agreements related to Forest Conservation
  38) Monthly Log Production
  39) Monthly Lumber Production
  40) Monthly Veneer Production
  41) Monthly Plywood Production
  42) Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP) Production
  43) Employment
3. Biodiversity
   1)  Profile of Protected Area within the Region
   2)  Area Distribution of Coastal Resources
   3)  Inventory of Coral Reefs
   4)  Inventory of Seagrass
   5)  Mangrove Assessment
   6)  Mangrove Area Rehabilitated - For clarification
   7)  Livelihood Projects Implemented in Coastal Areas
   8)  Inland wetland in the Region
   9)  Classified Caves in the Region
  10) Identified/Assessed Critical Habitats
  11) Certificate of Wildlife Registration
  12) Wildlife Import/Export/Re-Export Permit
  13) CITES Import/Export/Re-export Permit
  14) Wildlife Local Transport Permit
  15) Wildlife Collector's Permit (WCP)
  16) Issuance of Gratuitous Permit (GP)
  17) Wildlife Special Use Permit
  18) Special Local Transport Permit
  19) Wildlife Farm Permit
  20) Wildlife Culture Permit
  21) Clearance to Operate (for zoological parks and botanical gardens)
  22) Known Fauna Species by Taxonomic Group
  23) Known Flora Species by Taxonomic Group
  24) Endemic Fauna Species by Taxonomic Group
  25) Endemic Flora Species by Taxonomic Group
  26) Wild Flora Confiscation
  27) Wild Fauna Confiscation
  28) Wild Fauna Retrieval and Donation
  29) Wild Flora Retrieval and Donation
  30) Inventory of Wildlife at DENR Established Wildlife Rescue Centers
  31) Population of Threatened Species
  32) Marine Turtles Tagged and Released
  33) Stranded Marine Turtle
  34) Marine Turtle Nest and Hatchlings
  35) Marine Turtle Nesting Sites

DENR 13 Assistant Regional Director for Technical Services Forester Maritess M. Ocampo expressed the agency's support to the Dinagat Communities for Conservation (Dinagat C4C) Project as she graced its launching and MOA signing held at Tavern Hotel, Surigao City, Surigao del Norte on August 17, 2023.  

The Project, which is an initiative to preserve and conserve the unique biodiversity of the Province of Dinagat Islands, is a partnership of the Municipal Local Government Units of the Province of Dinagat Islands and the coalition of different non-government organizations (NGOs), both local and international, which allied to ensure the preservation and conservation of the various and unique biodiversity of Dinagat Islands. 

The Project covers the municipalities of Cagdianao, Dinagat, Libjo, Loreto, and Tubajon of the province in collaboration with the concerned NGOs that signed the MOA. These are the Rainforest Trust (RFT), Kaisahan Tungo sa Kaunlaran ng Kanayunan at Repormang Pansaksahan (KAISAHAN), Balay Alternative Legal Advocates for Development in Mindanaw (BALAOD Mindanaw), Philippine Association for Intercultural Development (PAFID), and International Land Coalition (ILC) Asia. 

The consortium aims to reach the following goals: 1) To declare and designate Mounts Kambinliw and Redondo as key biodiversity areas (KBA), critical watershed, local conservation (LCA), and local community conserved (LCCAs) areas, 2) To assess the biodiversity of the rainforest and critical habitat of the native flora and fauna found within the KBA and expanded areas, 3) To increase the capacities of duty-bearers and communities to plan, manage, and conserve the protected areas and 4) To provide further learning sessions to stakeholders through the International Land Coalition (ILC) Capacity Building Support package.

With ARD Ocampo were PDI PENR Officer Modesto U. Lagumbay, Jr. and Supervising Ecosystems Management Specialist Forester Celsa G. Espadero of the PENR Office of Surigao del Norte, representing PENR Officer Agapito T. Patubo.

The CENR Officer of Loreto, Agusan del Sur, Racelyn A. Argosino witnessed the turn-over of 192 armchairs from Tagum City Mayor Hon. Rey T. Uy, through the Care for School Chairs Program to La Fortuna National High School in a simple ceremony held during the kick-off of the Brigada Eskwela of the school in the remote barangay of La Fortuna, Veruela, Agusan del Sur on August 15, 2023. 

The armchairs were fabricated out of the confiscated forest products from Brgy. Kasapa I, Loreto Agusan del Sur by the DENR-CENRO Loreto which were directly transported to City of Tagum as custodian and eventually donated to the Care for School Chairs Program.

La Fortuna National High School is a model of excellence school and was awarded first place during the Brigada Eskwela S.Y 2022-2023 in the Large School category. The delivered chairs will address the need for more chairs due to the growing number of students enrolled this school year and to give a comfortable and conducive learning environment to students in the succeeding school year 2023-2024.

The Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO) of Surigao del Norte headed by OIC, PENR Officer Agapito T. Patubo, and CENR Officer Ruel Efren extended its unwavering support for the “Huy-anan nan Bajao sa Surigao” project during the signing of the partnership agreement and project launching held at Bayay nan Surigaonon in the Provincial Capitol of Surigao del Norte on August 11, 2023, on the goal of “Blue-Green Recovery, Strengthening Resilience and Promoting Sustainable Growth in Philippine Cities and Communities through Nature-Based Solutions and Circular Economy”.

The project was funded by Spanish Cooperation Philippines and implemented by UN-Habitat in partnership with the Department of Human Settlement and Urban Development (DHSUD), the Provincial Local Government of Surigao del Norte, and the Local Government of Surigao City.

The beneficiaries were members of the Sama Bajao Community in Surigao City in the province of Surigao del Norte.

The signing of partnership documents and the unveiling of the official project logo highlighted the launching program.