DENR Caraga through its Regional Strategic Communication and Initiatives Group (RSCIG) conducts Orientation cum Consultation Workshop on the Creation of DENR-EMB-MGB Caraga IEC Action Plan for CY 2024 with Information Officers and Youth Desk Officers region-wideon January 26, 2024, at the Regional Learning Center in Brgy. Ambago, Butuan City.

The creation of the Action Plan is a strategy to address issues and problems, and discuss other concerns on the implementation of Information, Communication, and Education or Communication, Education, and Public Awareness (IEC / CEPA) activities region-wide, and shall serve as a guide document of the DENR, EMB and MGB offices in Caraga region on their communication strategies throughout the year.

Moreover, the activity also aims to remove communication barriers identified within the respective field offices and provide recommendations/solutions to improve communication strategies and interventions.